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Research shows that when we directly connect with the earth, our energy and earth’s energy connect.

Grounding or Earthing

Think of this energizing process somewhat like a car battery that keeps the car running.  The rhythmic pulsations of the earth’s energy keep our biological energy running full speed.  Or, think of a flickering light bulb, not totally connected with the lamp. That’s what our body is like when we are not regularly connected to earth’s energy. We flicker, rather than fully thrive or shine.  When we are grounded there is less stress, bodily inflammation is reduced and we sleep better. Notable shifts take place in our eating habits and moods. Overall, wonderful healing benefits come from grounding. Give it a try! 

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Points to Ponder

The problem is never where or what it seems to be. 

Only when we take self-care time and explore the deeper issues that eat at us do we find solutions. The benefits of realizing what's been driving us to over-indulge are increased love, gratitude, and joy in all areas of our lives.  


Simply walking barefoot on the earth can heal disease. "Placing yourself in direct contact with the earth, the free radicals that have built up in your body as a result of stress are neutralized. On a fundamental level, you are restoring your biological rhythms." D. Chopra

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Intuitive Heart Meditation

"...listening is the art of meditation in the learning of which we come to a place of transition where truth leaves the mind and enters the heart. ..there is no longer intellectual knowledge about truth, but the truth becomes a living thing within our being." J. Goldsmith.

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