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Three-month EFT weight loss course:Tuned-In-Tapped-In-Turned On

Emotional eating triggers plague 75 percent of the U.S. population daily. Retail therapy, dieting, or excess exercise aren't the solutions.

EFT, self-inquiry & self-awareness are tools that directly address the root causes of emotional eating, overspending, and overall discontent. 

By learning these tools, you'll be truly present with yourself and move from surviving to thriving. You'll be Tuned-in, Tapped-in and Turned-on! 

What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

Emotional Freedom Technique is an effective tool that supports the insights you gain while practicing Soul Centered Eating’s three pillars: Self-inquiry, Self-awareness, for your Self-transformation. Self-inquiry is the willingness to be present long enough to identify

Emotional Freedom Technique serves as an energy shift that effects the way you see your body, think about yourself, and opens an energetic portal to your soulfulness. 

Unlike dieting or will-power, EFT isn’t a temporary fix. It’s a pathway to understanding, addressing, and overcoming deeply embedded emotional patterns that result in eating when you’re not hungry or to overeat.

With EFT and Soul Centered Eating’s three pillars, you're not just addressing surface problems; you're addressing the emotional roots of your eating triggers and patterns.

Soul Centered Eating EFT: Tuned-In-Tapped-In-Turned On

  • Soul Centered Eating's EFT three-month weight loss course is designed to get to the core of your emotional eating. Each week you’ll learn not just how to practice EFT, but also how to effectively address food related triggers, self-doubt, and cultivate self-love and self-acceptance.

  • You’ll experience a transformation that goes beyond the physical, touching the very core of who you are. 

  • Each week, you’ll receive a personalized recording of your personalized EFT session that can be utilized for months to come. 

Outcomes: You’ll

Gain insights into yourself and no longer be confused or feel stuck about losing weight and keeping it off.

Unlock the door to a fresh perspective, one where each meal is a mindful act of self-love—not another battleground of self-will or arduous accountability.

Break the chains of body-shaming and cultivate an expansive sense of self-love.

Why You? Why Now?​

There are times when you need a well-informed, nurturing practitioner to pinpoint your need to explore blocks and offer tools and solutions for sustainable results. 

Are you finally up for a holistic transformation? How curious are you to step out of your current limiting patterns and engage a deeper, freer, and more soulful you?

EFT helps you connect with the core of your true self. Together we’ll take a journey that’s not just a physical transformation, it’s also a soulful evolution.

Experience self-inquiry as a willingness to be present with yourself long enough to identify triggers and patterns.

Evolve in self-awareness, which is the awareness to gain insight into changes your finally ready to make.

Engage your self-transformation as you move through a caterpillar, cocoon, to butterfly stage.

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