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HeartMath™ Practitioner

According to HeartMath™, the ancients believed the heart, not the brain was where emotions emerged. As a result, health and well-being come about by developing communication between the heart, a physical organ, and the brain, an intuitive center.  HeartMath™ refers to it as heart-brain coherence. 

Soul Centered Eating wants to let you in on a little secret.

HeartMath’s™ breathing exercises are effective tools to weight loss. Successful weight loss doesn’t begin by measuring food or counting carbs, points, or pounds. Effective weight loss begins the moment you become aware that the mental is physical.

A deep dive into your emotions and identifying your eating triggers is far more effective than physical exercise. Only when you challenge self doubts and the belief that willpower is the most significant part of real weight loss, will you be open to treating yourself with compassion, self-love, and a deep conviction that there is more to dropping unwanted pounds than of simply dieting.  In brief, the key to a holistic approach to your weight loss success is seeing that what happens on the inside manifest on the outside. The physical is mental, which is one reason why HeartMath’s™ heart-brain coherence techniques are effective tools to gaining insights into your emotional eating patterns.

Research shows that 75 percent of Americans are emotional eaters.

The average employee suffers from stress, anxiety, frustration, anger, and fear. Consider the following four points related to most American workers:

Employees and their bosses feel overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed.

Instead of taking time to reduce anxiety, most employees eat sugary or salty snacks and drink some form of caffeine. 

University of Rochester Medical Center’s research discovered that employees who suffered from stress and anxiety were more likely to skip meals and suffer from a lack of healthy foods and from not eating at regular times. 

When stressed, your heart feels constricted and it’s likely your morale is low.

What if every employee, working from home or in the office, took a five-minute HeartMath™ breathing break? 

Instead of drinking more coffee and eating a sugary or salty snack, employees cultivated a desire to reduce their weight and stress through scientifically proven breathing tools? 

According to HeartMath,™ you begin by reminding yourself that your heart communicates with your brain. Thus, you begin by focusing on your heart. The heart rhythm pattern tells the brain what your body feels. The brain then tells the body what to do. 


Transforming stress requires HeartMath™ tools that can be engaged on the spot.

In moments of stress, eating can’t possibly offer relief, rather, eating is a means of distraction or ignoring the deeper issue. Self-care “cures” such as a tennis game or therapy shopping don’t address the deeper issues. Learning how to shift your heart rhythms and emotional state is how to best transform your stress patterns and eating habits. 

In the movie, Hook, Peter Pan needs to feel a happy thought in order to fly. Unless you learn how to engage effective breathing tools in order to move beyond emotional eating, you’ll continue to be a victim who’s trapped in an emotional eating pattern, searching for a happy thought.

Soul Centered Eating advocates engaging in HeartMath™ breathing techniques.

Turning to the heart and focusing on the quick coherence tool, you’ll cease being a victim of emotional drains.

Learn to live from HeartMath’s™ heart-brain coherence, instead of relying on quick- fix sugary foods to relieve stress, anxiety, and frustrations. 

You will lose weight and gain a sense of balance during stressful situations. 

By placing your attention in the area of your heart, then taking a few deep breaths, you’ll access inner clarity and the power to clear stress producing thoughts and feelings.

Your heart, mind, and soul will radiate an energy of love and balance. 

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