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Transform Your Body—Ignite Your Soul

A One-on-One Holistic Weight Loss Program for Those Ready to Ditch the Diet-Mindset, Break Free of Emotional Eating & Ignite Their Soul!

I was an emotional eater! I know what it takes to dig deeper! It takes courage and trust to work through those messy, anxious, fearful, and insecure thoughts that send you running for comfort foods!

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Which of these 7 points lead you to eat emotionally?

  • Feeling hopeless about your weight and can’t face going on another diet.

  • Feeling desperate about not losing the weight your doctor told you to lose; your yearly appointment is in two months.

  • Confused about how to lose weight without dieting or beating yourself up exercising.

  • Sick of body-shaming, criticizing, or rejecting yourself when looking in the mirror or shopping.

  • Fearful you will always struggle with excess pounds; it’s a family gene.

  • Depressed and would like to be free of weight issues once and for all.  

  • Disappointed in yourself for gaining weight during Covid and you still feel vulnerable and stuck.

Tired of putting others first.

Tired of being a people pleaser, feeling trapped, insecure, or isolated in your relationships.

Tired of work draining your energy; as a result, you drown yourself with food due to stress, frustration, and anxiety.

You’re Here Because You’re:

Tired of finding yourself in the kitchen when you’re not hungry; you eat anyway.

Frustrated at seeing others who don’t think about food and live with more balance in their lives.

Ready to try something other than dieting in terms of dropping unwanted pounds.


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Let’s Get Real! I’ve Been There:

I suffered from the trauma of my dad dying when I was 14! My mom remarried 14 months later, moved me from my childhood home, I had a new dad, step-brother, and school. I ate out of grief and loneliness. This experience set the stage for a life of yo-yo dieting! I felt lost, stuck in a body I didn’t understand and had no emotional support.

We'd Be A Good Fit Because:

  • You recognize yourself as a hopeless emotional eater!

  • You’d love to gain insights into the ways you or others have sabotaged, demoralized, traumatized, or intimidated you over the years.

  •  Somewhere in your heart is a deep longing to find solutions, break free of the “emotional eating food trap,” and most importantly, discover who you are without being wrapped up in food.

  • You’d appreciate some experienced support to move you forward.

How Would It Feel If You

  • Lived each day knowing you had effective tools to move you beyond emotional eating.

  • Had sustained support that walked you through overwhelming emotional times when you’d otherwise eat your heart out!

  • Understood what you’ve really hungered for over the past ___ years.    

  • Transformed your body without dieting and truly loved being you.

  • Met your soul-self and had tools to sustain this vibrant, sacred, soul-filled relationship.

  • Trusted yourself to walk into any event and not be concerned about the food.

  • Lived with a secure sense of inner-confidence, self-respect, and deep commitment to yourself.

Soul Centered Eating’s Holistic Weight Loss Program Is For You IF:

  • Excited to unlock the door and see the buried thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that keep you searching for connection and happiness in food.

  • Ready to identify and abolish the triggers that keep you insecure and lead to emotional eating.

  • Ecstatic about dropping the diet mindset, ceasing the habit of counting anything, or weighing!

  • Open to learning new tools that will lift you out of survival mode and eating to numb the pain.

  • Happy about transforming your body and igniting your soul!


A Six-Month Highly Customized Program Designed Just for You!

Why Six Months?

Starting the very first day, we establish this as your conception day!  We’ll agree to nurture your evolving and transformation over the next six months. Imagine the ultrasound picture of a precious life that’s safe and sound. This sacred space is where you’ll be respected, heard, and nourished during each session.

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When is the Best Time to Start Transform Your Body—Ignite Your Soul?

  • Every day is a good day to invest in yourself, your mental health, and overall sense of well-being.

  • Today is the best day! Trust your inner knowing that Soul centered living is right for you.

  • Today’s the best day to trust that a holistic approach to dropping those ___ pounds of excess weight is right for you.

  • Today’s the day to act on your heart’s message that this is a safe place to heal your emotional eating patterns and triggers.

  • Waiting to act on this opportunity, you’re postponing your life and letting self-resistance win.

  • Stop postponing what you’d truly love to give yourself.  It’s a gift only you can give!

Ask Yourself the Question:

What will it take for me to realize that healing my emotional eating patterns and judgmental thoughts about my body are a vital part of my finally feeling whole?

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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. 

-Anais Nin

What You Can Expect From 1-on-1 Coaching

Together we will create a safe space for you to explore triggers and emotions that lead to your emotional eating.

You’re Invited To Join Soul Centered Eating’s Holistic Weight Loss Program "Transform Your Body—Ignite Your Soul."

Here’s what you’ll get:


  • We’ll start with your “weight storyline.”

  • We’ll explore the diet mindset, triggers, body-shaming, perfectionism, and people pleasing.

  • We’ll establish where you stand now and what might be getting in your way.

  • We’ll design the best right questions to ask when stressed, anxious, fearful, or frustrated.


  • We’ll begin with some intended changes.

  • We’ll review your story line and or patterns we see the need changed.

  • We’ll establish action steps toward making changes.

  • We’ll look at self-awareness in the context of mind, body, and soul alignment.

Self-Transformation and Igniting Your Soul

  • We’ll review where you started, where you are now, and your new sustainable food story.

  • We’ll explore what soul lessons you might reflect on and would like to build on.

  • We’ll create tools to awaken your soul-centered connection.

  • We’ll establish what it means to live as a vibrant self-confident person who has sparkling eyes.

What Happens During Six Months of Transforming Your Body - Igniting Your Soul

I am devoted and passionate about supporting my clients in reaching a level of soul-centered eating and living as a vibrant soul filled individual.

Each hour-and-fifteen-minute session will begin with a grounding meditation. Then, we’ll explore major beliefs, thoughts, fears, and feelings of resistance that limit your everyday life and what most drives you to eat when you’re not hungry. The last fifteen- minutes are aimed at creating a game plan for the next two weeks. The session can be recorded upon the client’s request.

After the session, you will receive a customized support document that outlines key points discussed during the bi-weekly session as well as ideas to move you through to the next week.

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After Completing Transforming Your Body—Igniting Your Soul You Will:

  • No longer see food as an enemy, as either good or bad foods.

  • Enjoy eating with soul-satisfaction.

  • Live each day with effective tools to address emotions such as stress, anxiety, and fear.

  • Focus on healthy relationships instead of food consumption.

  • Be aware of how your weight loss affects those around you.

  • Honor the beautiful “vehicle-body” that carries your soul.

  • Cease resisting, fearing, and seeking what others think of you or concern if they ignore you.

  • Know you are enough and stop looking for self-acceptance.

  • Live as a vibrant self-confident indivudual who has sparkling eyes and bounce in your step.

The key to self-transformation is more than changing habits. It’s an inner transformation that can’t be seen as it’s occurring. Brain shifts, neuroplasticity, take place over time. The process is much like the caterpillar, cocoon, and butterfly transformation. There are messy moments as the beautiful butterfly takes shape.

Ask Yourself the Question:


Don’t I know that in order to become a butterfly, I must first have the courage to enter the caterpillar stage, risk the transformation process in a messy cocoon stage and wiggle out of the cocoon in order to emerge as a beautiful butterfly?


As with any investment, it is important to know that it’s a right fit. We’ll chat about your food story and address your lingering questions. Most of all, we’ll discuss your self-transformation hopes and the depth of your desire to give yourself the gift of a sustained holistic weight loss program.


Click the Clarity Call button below for a free 45-minute conversation.

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