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Grounding, sinking our bare feet into the earth, shifts moods, reduces inflammation and stress.

Grounding & Weight Loss

  • Grounding 10-15 minutes a day opens a portal to see the good things in your life. Daily grounding, sinking our bare feet into the earth, reminds us that life is good. 

  • Research reports show the weight women carry around the mid-section is related to stress-related hormones cortisol and adrenaline. Grounding reduces anxiety and stress.

  • Let this transforming heart-mind-body technique be a safe, sacred space in your day.  ​

  • Lose weight while grounding 15-30 minutes a day. 

Grounding & Mental Health


Let ponder-points sink into your heart. Notice how frustration, stress, and the desire to emotionally eat fades.  Observe how much lighter your thoughts and body feel. 

❖ Decisions I have made that turned out well

❖ Ponder answered prayers
❖ Songs that make me feel happy
❖ Ways to be healthier
❖ Places I love
❖ Things that make me laugh
❖ Activities that bring joy into my life
❖ The many ways I am grateful

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