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Woman Walking in the Field

A Garden of Grounding

Plant Heart-Centered thoughts to ponder like seeds in your heart. Water the seeds by reflecting on a holistic sense of self. Consider: internal frustrating issues aren't solved by external food fixes.  A good great gardener knows first step is tilling the soil. Grounding is  the practice of tilling the soil and planting your feet in the ground so you'll grow and blossom. 

Gardening & Grounding Practices

Daily, imagine your feet grounded in the earth or sand on the beach, and hands crossed over your heart, breathe into the very best version of yourself and hold it compassionately. Consider key suggestions noted in the Points to Ponder section. 

Keep in mind that once essential points to ponder are truly planted, a rich harvest will spring forth. Okay, it may be a sprout here or there. In the end, with a little more heart-centeredness on the exquisiteness of what has sprung forth, more understanding will emerge from the Heart-Centered-Intuition: the groundedness of your being.

Research shows that walking in the grass with bare feet allows energy from the ground as well as from the sun to energize our entire being. Think of it as vitamin D time. Just taking five minutes during the day to ground oneself is energizing. And, while digging those painted red toes into the lush green grass, ask one of the Heart-Centered-Intuition questions that bring you to a place of trust and a passion for life. At the end of five minutes, a magnanimous garden of abundant energy is yours for the rest of the day! Sorry, Starbucks...grounding, planting my feet in the grass or sand on the beach, is far more beneficial to my well-being than a grande dark chocolate mocha.

How long until the daily grounding practice produces a rich harvest in your life? Begin looking for a shift or cues.

They come through after a few weeks of daily committed practice. Pay attention to each time grounded Heart-Centered feelings kick in. Your personal perceptions move from a focus on the best version of self toward a more expansive best version of yourself.  Then, it's time to ask: What does it mean to live the best version of my intuitive self? What does standing in my integrity mean, given I no longer turn to food for answers, companionship, or love? Cues will appear in almost every area of your life! The lost keys appear, the right phone call takes place, work projects fall into place, or perhaps the right order of the day takes over from what you personally or professionally outlined.

The benefit of this practice is breaking the habit of being who you were. You took self-care time to re-wire the brain and see yourself as living from the heart, not from insecure feelings or daily drama that led to food addiction. You're living a new sense of life. 

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