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Heart Centered Meditation

Dr. Jaye Houston


Meditation means to become familiar with. Numerous national research reports explain that daily meditation promotes physical and mental health and well-being, while increasing focus and concentration. 

Meditation also helps your ability to focus. Research also shows that focusing on the now decreases thinking about the past or future. It also promotes better sleep and cardiovascular health. 

The practice of meditation promotes overall well-being. It elevates thoughts and moves you beyond the addiction to daily drama. Meditation brings us into a state of happiness and gratitude. 

Heart Centered Meditation 


The Heart of my heart knows
it reveals what it knows
The Heart of my heart sees
it reveals what it sees
The Heart of my heart hears
it reveals what it hears
The Heart of my heart feels
I trust the feelings
The Heart of my heart shines
My glow touches

Everyone, Everywhere, and Everything.

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