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We'll Work On 3 Key "Self" Points 

Embodied self-awareness is an empowering self-healing practice involving self-inquiry and self-observation. 

Develop Self Awareness

Self-awareness is one of the three keys of  Soul Centered Eating.  It leads you to consciously seeing where you are in life and where you want to go. You'll identify your intentions, emotions, feelings, and stresses. Individuals who practice embodied self-awareness report feeling more grounded and alive. 


Learn Self-Inquiry: Go Beyond Intuitive Eating

Are you ready to get in touch with false beliefs that weight you down? 

Learning the practice of self-inquiry moves you beyond intuitive eating.  Once you explore limiting false beliefs, you will move forward in most every area of life.  


Are you ready to go beyond intuitive eating?

I support my clients in ways that move beyond intuitive eating.  You'll learn to live from a more holistic way of eating and living in a framework of soul-satisfaction and  soulful eating. This process accesses your Soul's voice.

Weekly Tools for Self Awareness

Each one-hour weekly session includes a review of your weekly food intake. We explore relevant self-inquiry questions to address emotional eating patterns. We'll consider your self-awareness progress and create a plan for the coming week. Then, we'll seek to discover ways to clearly access your soul connection when it comes to eating with soul satisfaction


How to get started? Complete the form below  and let's connect for a 30 minute free discovery session.  Let's see how ready you are to drop weight, gain clarity about what drives you to eat emotionally, and break free of dieting and body shamming. 


 I've traveled this path with hundreds of people. I look forward to working with you as a loyal supporter for your weight loss journey. I traveled this road alone. I understand the twists and turns! Let's make this happen for you!  

Thanks for submitting the form. I will be in touch with you soon.

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