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Soul Centered Conversations

Deep Discussions on Cultivating Well-Being and Resilience in Challenging Times

Workshop Details


Soul Centered Conversations are for you if you're:

  • needing resiliency tools and how to apply them to difficult life circumstances.

  • feeling like an empty shell, and burnedout.

  • needing a new model for abundant living

  • interested in raising your vibrational level for living a more soul-filled life.

  • seeking a sacred space to explore your spiritual  bliss and mystical experiences.

Soul Centered Eating workshop
Soul Centered Eating workshop

By completing this holistic spiritual journey, you will have empowering tools to:

  • Leverage your daily experiences of mind, body, and soul growth and its practices.

  • Read your road map to the "Land of Affluence." 

  • Make bold and unconventional decisions that align with your soul's calling. 

  • Address the drama triangle and free yourself from entangled relationships. 

  • Embrace your soul's truth and distinguish between beliefs, patterns, and society's shoulds. 

  • Identify and embrace bliss experiences and what they teach us. 

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