Lose Weight without Dieting!

Imagine living in a body you love! Lose weight by learning self-inquiry and self-awareness tools. You'll cease weighing, counting calories, points, or steps.  It's a self-transforming process that frees you from limiting eating patterns.  I'm here to support you in shattering body shaming and debunking dieting. 

 Fall in Love with Your Body and Live in Your Bliss!

You Never Failed at Dieting. Diets are Designed for You to Fail! 

  • Get the support you need to  soulfully and successfully lose weight. 

  • Heal your relationship with food.

  • Live the bliss filled life you were created to live. 

  • Check out more benefits of Soul Centered Eating!

Why Soul Centered Eating? 

  • Is a safe space to address emotional eating patterns.

  • Explores what triggers cravings of specific foods, at specific times.

  • Offers effective self-awareness tools you can put into practice on day one. 

  • Aligns your heart, mind, soul, and  body with coherence techniques that reduce anxiety and stress eating.

  • Develops the heart, mind, and body connection that opens a portal  of soulful blissful moments. 

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How to Lose Weight without a Diet
8 Benefits of Soul Centered Eating

  1. Introduces self-inquiry and self-awareness tools to address beliefs of not fitting in with society's standards. 

  2. Heals your unhealthy relationship with food by aligning you with your spiritual nature. 

  3. Ends the weight war, so you can connect with your deepest urges and life-long dreams.

  4. Provides impactful questions related to emotional eating.

  5. Frees you of the diet culture's counting points, weighing, carbs, and steps.

  6. Gets you in touch with the body and mindset you know is buried by emotional eating.

  7. Supports you with a holistic approach to deeply listen to your mind, body, and soul.

  8. Introduces mediations that create a sacred space of abundant soul satisfaction and bliss.


What I Specialize In

I offer skills and tools that freed me of emotional eating. Prior to that my Dad's passing, when I was13, I ate anything I wanted. Grief led to my gaining 35 pounds. I tried most every diet. It didn't work. Today, I know what works. I'm here for you! 

I'm a compassionate practitioner, who understands  women who feel stuck in a body that they inwardly know is not  what they would like it to be.   I'd love to see you healed of  emotional eating and body shaming.

I will support you! 

I'm passionate about introducing you to a more holistic approach to weight loss. You can stop eating for comfort. The aim is to question what leads to  emotional eating. Learn what it means to eat with soul satisfaction for a healthier you! 


My gift of clair- cognizance is asking best questions at each critical stage. Self-inquiry and self-awareness are keys of  breaking free of  the diet mindset, emotional eating, and body shaming.  I'll guide you forward to your highest sense of  good!


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Self-Awareness: A Key to Successful Weight Loss! 

Embodied self-awareness is an empowering self-healing process.  If you're not in tune with self-awareness, it's difficult to tap into your distressing emotions. The benefits of this practice lead to identifying embedded belief patterns, emotions, and stresses.  You will feel a more grounded sense of self, gain peace of mind, and freedom from food frenzies.   Learn self-awareness and start eating with soul satisfaction. 

Grounding Impact for Weight Loss! 

What is the impact of grounding  your body, mind, and soul? Research shows that when we directly connect with the earth, our energy and earth’s energy connect.  Think of this energizing process somewhat like a car battery that keeps the car running.  The rhythmic pulsations of the earth’s energy keep our biological energy running at full speed.  Or, think of a flickering light bulb, not totally connected with the lamp. That’s what our body is like when we are not regularly connected to earth’s energy. We flicker, rather than fully thrive or shine. 

When we practice grounding meditation there is less stress,  inflammation in our body is reduced, and we sleep better.

We are soul-centered and we eat with soul satisfaction.  


Rock Balancing

About Dr. Jaye Houston

Jaye Houston, Ph.D., has coached women, men, and families regarding weight loss for over 15 years. She owned three weight loss franchises and served as a diet counselor for a national corporation. After seeing countless individuals never breaking free of emotional eating, Jaye created a supportive program combining weight loss and spiritual principles.  Today, she feels called to offer a transformative holistic approach to falling in love with your body, debunking dieting, shatter body shaming, and break the emotional eating cycle.  It's a holistic approach to eating with soul satisfaction and living with a more sacred sense of self-love. 

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom! 

Anais Nin


"I started working with Jaye just after I left my abusive husband. My weight was up, my self worth was none, and my confidence had been blown to smithereens. I had gone from a strong independent single mother to a lump of mush while with my ex and so getting back to even a shadow of what I once was seemed impossible. Talking with Jaye allowed me to see that the stuff I had before was not gone or stolen from me, but hidden down deep. She helped me put some tools in place that not only helped me with my eating but also with my thinking. I was able to talk to her about anything and she knew when things needed to go deeper. She also knew when I was masking what I was truly feeling and allowed me to take a breath and express what I had trained myself to hide. I have not always felt comfortable with Jaye, only because she would ask the questions that needed to be asked and addressed rather the ones that would meet superficial needs. With that said, I may not have always been comfortable dealing with the ugly going on in my life but I always felt safe with Jaye. Our time together was always a place of respect and growth. 


I am thankful to have invested time with Jaye and addressed the questions and habits that have changed my life over the last year. "

- E. Wellins

Jaye is a wonderful practitioner-counselor. She helped me realize my goal teaching me to ask good questions, reflect on spiritual ideas, and how to practice healthy eating habits. I will always be grateful  to Jaye for her loving support.


"Jaye is a wise and gifted coach who brings spiritual awareness to physical and emotional challenges. She taught me the practical skills involved in choosing healthy balanced nutrition and showed me the value of a clear mind and grateful heart."


As a client of Jaye Houston the past 15 years, I can say she is the wisest counselor I’ve ever known. Her perspectives are fresh and novel, yet rooted in age old truths. Dr. Houston excels at connecting people with the truth through grace and compassion.”

Bobbie Sue Brown, M.S.