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Holistic Weight Loss Program

The Holistic Approach To Weight Loss & Living In The Body You Dreamed Of.

Soul Centered Eating is a holistic approach to weight loss, offering tools that reveal what leads you to eat emotionally. 

Imagine losing pounds of pain related to trauma, stress, grief, fears, and feelings of isolation! 

Deep healing begins as you break free of self-limiting patterns and courageously enter a self-transforming process. Envision yourself as a vibrant soulful self, and grounded in holistic sense of life, eating with soul-satisfaction.

What is SCE’s holistic approach to sustained weight loss ?

Following Soul Centered Eating’s holistic approach to weight loss, you’ll identify the feelings of shame and failure associated with your years of mainstream dieting. It’s a self-transformational process aimed at strengthening your inner self-confidence, dropping unwanted pounds, and keeping them off. Losing weight holistically means a sustained weight loss and no more diets! 

The importance of holistic weight loss

What if I told you SCE’s holistic weight loss program is a great way for anyone who has tried several diets and failed? Research shows that 95 percent of all dieters gain their weight back within one to five years. That’s why Soul Centered Eating takes a more holistic approach, including a bit of Zen.


Why this approach? Zen means action leading to awareness. Learning self-awareness, self-inquiry, and to conquer your fears are crucial first steps in understanding what leads to your emotional eating. Soul Centered Eating focuses on restoring balance in your life, mind, body, and soul and learning what it means to eat with soul satisfaction. 


What’s The Benefit Of Taking The Soul Centered Eating’s Holistic Approach To Weight Loss? 

Soul Centered Eating introduces three precise steps to break the diet mindset: self-inquiry, self-awareness, and self-transformation.

Self-inquiry is the first step in diving deep, seeing the thoughts leading you to eat when you’re not hungry. The key? Learning to ask best right questions. 

Freedom from using food for comfort or feeding feelings of isolation comes through the practice of self-inquiry and a growth mindset.

Being  intimately  in tune with yourself, not  craving comfort foods. Self-transformation impacts how you move through life in a body you love and a greater sense of happiness. 

lose weight without dieting

You Never Failed at Dieting. Diets are Designed for You to Fail! 

Soul Centered Eating will help you lose weight without crazy diet rules

SCE’s holistic approach is more than just surface-level self-care and dieting. It focuses on those deeper nitty-gritty aspects of losing weight, not just surface level eating habits or good or bad foods. We live in a culture obsessed with body image, fashion, and dieting. Unfortunately, this leads to self-rejection, body shaming, and the engrained diet mindset.


With Soul Centered Eating you will lose weight without crazy diet rules. Your success will come from your immersion in Soul Centered Eating’s tools specifically designed for sustained weight loss, while gaining a more holistic understanding of yourself and strengthening your inner self-confidence.

soul centered eating weight loss program

You Can Lose Weight Without Dieting

Soul Centered Eating moves you in an entirely different direction in order to move beyond the diet mindset. Diets don’t work because they are designed to keep you locked into a prescribed list of good or bad foods. Dieting focuses on managing the body by counting points, carbs, steps, and weigh-ins. Soul Centered Eating focuses on the physical is mental, which means you’ll learn to address the thoughts leading you to over eat or emotionally eat.

Ask yourself: Am I ready to move beyond hopelessness when it comes to living in a body that feels more like I know I can feel?

Dr Jaye Houston California

About Dr. Jaye Houston

Jaye Houston, Ph.D., has coached women, men, and families regarding weight loss for over 15 years. She owned three weight loss franchises and served as a diet counselor for a national corporation. After seeing countless individuals never breaking free of emotional eating, Jaye created a supportive program combining weight loss and spiritual principles.  Today, she feels called to offer a transformative holistic approach to falling in love with your body, debunking dieting, shatter body shaming, and break the emotional eating cycle.  It's a holistic approach to eating with soul satisfaction and living with a more sacred sense of self-love. 


I started working with Jaye soon after I'd left my ex. My weight was up and self-esteem was crushed to smithereens. She assured me that I hadn't lost myself, but that it was clouded over because of the abuse I had experienced; we would get it back. 

I was able to talk to her about anything and she knew when things needed to go deeper. She also knew when I was masking what I was truly feeling and allowed me to take a breath and express what I had trained myself to hide. I have not always felt comfortable with Jaye, only because she would ask the tough questions that needed to be asked rather wasting time with superficial issues. With that said, I may not have always been comfortable dealing with the ugly, painful issues going on in my life, but I always felt safe with Jaye. Our time together was always a place of respect and growth. 


I am thankful to have invested time with Jaye. We addressed the deep issues and challenged old habits that have changed my life and transformed my body in so many ways over the last year. "

- E. Wellins

Jaye is a wonderful practitioner-counselor. She helped me realize my goal by teaching me to ask good questions, reflect on holistic and spiritual ideas, and most of all, what it means to eat with soul satisfaction. I will always be grateful  to Jaye for her incredible insights and loving support.


Jaye is a wise and gifted coach who brought spiritual awareness to the forefront of my physical and emotional challenges. She taught me how to apply  practical tools involved in breaking the diet mindset. She introduced me to the value of balanced eating, living with a clear mind, and grateful heart.


Jaye is very knowledgeable about the human heart and its challenges. She holds up a mirror so that you can see yourself and help you align with healing. I'm grateful for what she knows and how she has helped me and my family.



As a client of Jaye Houston for several years, I can say she is the wisest counselor I’ve ever known. Her perspectives are fresh and novel, yet rooted in age old truths. Dr. Houston excels at connecting people with the truth through grace and compassion.

Bobbie Sue Brown, M.S.

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