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What Is Neuro-spirituality?

Neuro-spirituality relates to heart-brain coherence and neuro-plasticity for self-transformation.

Neuro-Spirituality & Eating Patterns

Neuro-spirituality is a holistic transformational approach that explores ways you've lived with debilitating stress hormones, restricting moods, and unhealthy eating habits.  Neuro-spirituality goes beyond intuitive eating by offering a practical method to address patterns that blocked living from your heart center.  Neuro-spirituality connects the dots: body-mind, heart, and soul. 


Meet Dr. Jaye Houston

HeartMath TM Practitioner & Neuro-Spiritualty Mentor

Dr. Jaye Houston’s unique neuro-spiritualty approach addresses issues related to emotional eating and stress. Over the past 15 years she has effectively coached individuals seeking ways to address food related issues. She guides you beyond fears, frustrations, corporate interactions and relationships, as well as unresolved family issues that led to your emotional overeating patterns.